Company offering free internet services amid Coronavirus outbreak

Published: Mar. 18, 2020 at 2:40 PM CDT
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Free internet, phone services and late payment forgiveness all being offered in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Allo Communications in North Platte says communication is as important as ever with the current circumstances.

Allo Senior Development Manager, Jason Davis, said that while people practice social distancing, they want to offer more forms of communication for those who may not have it readily available to them.

"There's a portion of the United States that doesn't have internet whether by means right now, whether by financial means or they just don't have that capability in their home," said Davis, "We think that communication is valuable right now and it's important for people to have multiple sources of communication in their home."

Davis said they will offer the free internet service for about two months, but they may extend that depending on differing circumstances.

"What we're doing is offering two months service free 50 meg by 50 meg and we will do the installation for free, all the equipment is free and give them the advantage of internet," said Davis.

He also said they have a plan in place to help their current customers. Allo will not be charging late fees for the time being or calling to collect on a late bill.

"For our current customers, we're not going to be charging any late fees so nobody has to worry about that and we’re not worried about getting paid we know that this is going to affect peoples livelihoods, their jobs, their homes so we don’t want the added stress on them, so we’re not going to be calling you to pay your bill at this time will work on something like that later."

They also said they will be looking at offering phone services.

"We’re looking at the possibility of giving people phone service as well," said Davis, "Going forward for people that don’t have this capability at their house, there are programs with the state we’re going to focus on."

Davis said the reason they are doing it is to help the community.

"One of Allos' core values is being local, we've always considered ourselves local and try to be involved in local events and taking the local communities health into account is one of those big things as well."