Congressman Smith talks gun control, trade war

Published: Aug. 7, 2019 at 1:15 PM CDT
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Congressman for Nebraska's 3rd District, Adrian Smith went to the KNOP-TV studio Wednesday to give his take on a couple of hot-button topics: gun control and how the trade war in China is affecting producers.

After two deadly, mass shootings last weekend, some people are looking to congressmen with gun control questions.

Smith said he feels there isn't a government solution that will immediately solve the issue.

He said even if there were additional gun laws in place, that may not solve the problem, as gun laws are being broken saying he think the issue lies elsewhere.

"There it has been a rush to introduce policies and so forth, that I don't even believe will solve the problem there have been a lot of gun laws that already been broken, " said Smith, "To think that there is this government solution immediately, I think is mistake. Looking at the entire topic, looking at mental health, these are issues that we have actually addressed in Congress that we have moved forward and trying to help communities identify those folks needing mental health treatment. That seems to be the pattern, a mental illness seems to be a pattern in so many of these tragedies."

Smith also addressed on the on-going trade war. He said retaliatory trade policies really impact the U.S. agriculture negatively, but there are steps being taken.

"I think that there is progress being made when you look at the fact we are ready to go with approving the U.S.M.C.A.," said Smtih, "Speaker Pelosi, I’m hoping will put that up for a vote here pretty quickly, and getting that across the finish line sends a very positive message around the world that we are serious about trade policies that we are serious about leveling the playing field."

He said a benefit is having more people involved in and interested in trade policy. "More people are more interested in trade policy, I think that’s was different then 2, 3, 4 years ago and when we can focus on expanding trade and we can push for that, I think everybody is better off, producers consumers, and we want that more level playing field. That’s certainly what the president is working toward and I think it can have some positive impacts long term."

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