Contract to repair South River Road delayed another week

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP-TV The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners faced a minor setback in their pursuit of getting South River Road fixed at their Monday meeting.

The approval of the contract to repair South River Road is delayed another week for Lincoln County Board of Commissioners. (Source: Beatriz Reyna KNOP-TV)

The board was expected to approve the easement of five acres of land that would allow for their rebuilding of the road.

They were hoping to start construction by the first week of November.

However, their course of action has been delayed another week until the owner, Charles Long, can review and sign off on the agreement.

"We would like to begin as close as November 1st as we can, as you are aware before the ground starts to freeze and those kinds of things, so we are anxious to get it started," said Lincoln County Board Chairman Joe Hewgley. "Most of it being dirt work, it's not like a construction project where you would be pouring concrete and those kinds of things so that will help."

The board hopes to have the contract signed by next week.

The process to rebuild South River Road could take six weeks.