Council approves QGF for downtown district improvements

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP-TV The North Platte City Council approved up to 500 thousand dollars in Quality Growth Funds for the revamping of the downtown district.

The North Platte City Council approved up to $500,000 in Quality Growth Funds for improvements to the downtown district. (Source: Beatriz Reyna/KNOP-TV)

The project is part of the Downtown Association's efforts to transform the downtown area into the "Canteen District."

It's a project board members have had in mind for fifteen years, but have actively pursued for two years.

Board members say the funds will be used to install new lighting, trees, shrubs and other improvements along Dewey Street and connecting alleyways.

Cost estimates were originally $750,000.

Board members are shooting for a December 31, 2021 deadline.

"We cannot apply for grants without matching funds, so essentially this money allows us to apply for the grants and to seek matching funds," said North Platte Downtown Association Member Tanner Pettera. "For the record, most of these expenditures won't occur until probably a year from Spring because none of this stuff can basically be put in until the entire project is done."

Councilman Jim Nisley made a motion to ensure the funds would be reserved as the improvements unfold now that the fund is due for renewal this fall.

The motion was unanimously approved.