Council vote approves next step toward land development

The North Platte City Council voted Monday to allow a "Blighted and Substandard" study on 65-acres of land east of the Hampton Inn and Dunkin Donuts in North Platte. (SOURCE: KNOP-TV)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - A 6-2 vote at the North Platte City Council meeting Monday evening will allow a "Blighted and Substandard" study to be done on the 65-acre property east of The Hampton Inn and Dunkin Donuts.

The planning commission will meet next Tuesday and make recommendations to the city council.

Monday's vote allows the potential for development to move forward. Keenan Management LLC currently owns the land and wants to get the area ready for interested parties. One factor in determining a "lighted and substandard" status includes having structures 40 years old or older standing. The management group wants to clean up the areas for interested developers, including the abandoned house on the property, but they do not want to remove the structure until after the study is completed.

Keenan Management hired Marvin Planning Consultants of David City. Consultant Keith Marvin says the "blighted and substandard" study will make it one step easier and more attractive for an interested party to develop the land.

Marvin said, "It's getting one step out of the way to declare the area blighted and substandard. The way the state law is set up, you have to have an area that is declared blighted and substandard, and then at some point in time in the future if a developer wants to, they can propose a project, and ask for Tiff under those situations."

He added that the study is a necessary step before Tiff funds can be used in the future, but it does not mean that Tiff funds must be used.

The acreage was brought into city limits by a 5-1 North Platte City Council vote earlier in July.