County Commissioner close to finalizing security committee

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Lincoln County Commissioners made another move to ensure those who use the courthouse feel safe while using the facility.

"I don't know it's necessary at all for Lincoln County, but we just had a community in Texas last week that thought they were safe," said Lincoln County Commissioner Bill Henry. "I don't know who is safe. Nobody likes security and nobody likes to go through security at an airport, but now they realize the necessity of doing that."

On Monday, the board reduced the number of people who will serve on the security committee from ten to nine with the purpose to oversee security measures on behalf of the board.

"The sheriff's office as such can handle it, but it is so much more than we got at the courts and all of the things that go on with the courthouse," Henry said. "It's necessary that we have a committee to get proper representation."

Henry said while it will be a work in progress, the goal is to have all security measures in place by February.

"We know what other counties have budgeted and what they are spending and it's not going to be cheap," he said. "Whatever it is, we will pay the price. Safety is primary."

The start up cost for security measures are estimated to be at around 100 thousand dollars and could cost about 50 thousand dollars to maintain the program annually.