County investigates bonds for jail expansion

Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer is ready to see the Detention Center grow. Kramer says the jail was designed to to just that when it was built, transforming this grassy area into jail space. (SOURCE: Melanie Standiford/KNOP-TV)

The Lincoln County Commissioners Board is figuring out if it will expand the county jail. Commissioner Board Chairman Joe Hewgley said the board investigated the cost of purchasing bonds in the next few months.

The board hired the D. A. Davidson company to determine what the bond rate and will give their report in a few weeks. At that time the decision will be made whether to expand the jail or not. If the board continues with the project, the next step is working with the sheriff's office to draw up plans and find a contractor.

'I would guess sometime in 2020 would be my guess [for when the jail is expanded], and perhaps ready for occupancy 2021" Hewgley said.

If the board doesn't go through with the bond purchase, the jail will remain the same.