Couple finds love in the hospital

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Their love story began in the most unlikely place: a hospital room.

Bill Corey was waiting on a heart transplant.

“They actually bypassed the left side of my heart with a pump-mechanical pump that was put inside of me called an LVAD,” he explained.

The machine basically kept Bill's heart pumping as he waited on his transplant. He spent several months at Nebraska Medicine, when he met Deb, a patient care technician.

"We became friends, talked about families, just the things that were going on with him,” Deb told our sister station WOWT 6 News.

Three of Deb's daughters, Megan, Mandy, and Lacey, all work on the same floor Bill was staying on. They noticed there was a spark.

"I always knew that he had an ulterior motive when he came up to us, he was looking for my mom and wanted to know where she was in the least creepy way possible,” laughed Deb’s daughter. “It was really sweet."

Bill's long stay came to an end in August of 2016. He had his heart transplant. At this point, Deb's daughters put a little pressure on their mom.

“My youngest kept telling me, ‘give him your phone number’ and I said, ‘I will’ and she just kept telling me ‘if you don't I'm going to.’"

As Bill was being released, Deb says she did a drive by and dropped off her number.

“Neither one of us was looking for it, so it's meant to be right?” said Bill. “God put her there for a reason."

Bill and Deb did not start dating until after he left the hospital. Now, with the blessings of their families, they are engaged.

“We're happy and I think we'll probably always be happy. I tell him he owes me 50 years. That's what I want,” said Deb.

This couple plans on getting married in September, giving new meaning to the vows “in sickness and in health.”

“I love Deb. It's that easy,” said Bill “I've been blessed in my life."

If you're wondering if there are any ethical issues surrounding Bill and Deb's love connection, that appears to not be an issue. Deb told WOWT 6 News she spoke with numerous people at the hospital about this and there's no problem.

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