Couple married over 60 years share their secrets

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OGALLALA, Neb. (KNOP) - With the spirit of Valentines Day in the air and love the topic of conversation, many could wonder what it takes to stay in love. A married couple near Ogallala had some answers.

Ron and Kathy Most have been married for almost 64 years and are still happy. They say it's not easy, but you can have a successful marriage if you work at it.

Kathy Most said, "You've got to learn to compromise. That has to be part of your relationship. If you don't compromise and say I've got my way and you've got your way, then what do you got? You've just got one big problem."

They shared their top three secrets to a happy marriage, with the first one being compromising to come to an agreement. The Most's say the second thing is communication and respect for one another. And finally, the couple agrees that having unconditional love is essential.