Crime stoppers successfully serving justice to community

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) Lincoln County Crime Stoppers wants to pay you for your crime stopping tips.

Public information officer Beth Kerr says in just the past 6 months she's seen a rise in crime stoppers tips and the payout received.

"Usually the average reward is going to be around $150. So far over the last 6 months we've issued almost $3,000 in rewards. Our biggest rewards that we've seen, around $300 or $350, are the major drug arrests," said Kerr.

Officer Kerr also explained the amount and kinds of crime that has been reported recently through the program.

"In the past 6 months we've gotten over 5 ounces of meth off the streets of North Platte which is pretty significant. We've also gotten three guns, seized over $2,000 in cash, and we've also seized explosives and steroids. There's a huge range of things, and a huge range of rewards. It's just depends on what it is," remarked Kerr.

Crime stoppers meets as a board each month to determine how much to reward those who call in with crime stopping tips.

"Crime stoppers has only about one fundraiser a year and we've been doing it for decades. This year it's on Sunday May 5th at Indian Meadows Golf Course," said Crime Stoppers Board President Dan Eastman.

There are currently two vacant seats on the crime stoppers board. If you want to become a member or are aware of any suspicious activity, contact Officer Kerr.