Culbertson boy's family praying for help

CULBERTSON, Neb. (KNOP) - Duke Williams was born March 6, 2008. He is 11-years-old, and known for his love of wrestling and playing football.

11-year-old Duke Williams of Culbertson went from active young boy to a "shell of a child," according to his family. The boy started suffering from extreme, unexplained stomach pain about a year ago. (SOURCE: Melanie Standiford News 2).

Family friend Meghan Williams said, "About a year ago he started to have random stomach aches. Thinking it was just a random stomach bug, he went about his life no different than any other 11-year-old kid. He continued to wrestle, play football, run wild on the farm with his friends, playing with the cows, and ducks and riding the 4-wheeler."

"Over the last year Dukes stomach aches have grown stronger, more painful, and more persistent, according to his family. She said, "A once happy, young. vibrant boy is now an empty shell of a child laying in bed crying because he is hurting and just wants his life back."

He has been seen by doctors at the McCook Clinic, being told to take different laxatives to clear out his system, which the family says, "did not help." A higher dose was ordered, which did not stop the pain. He went to the Quality Urgent Care in McCook with similar orders given.

After three more weeks of pain, his family says they took him to Urgent Care in North Platte, again with the same directions. This continued for another week until mom, Dawn, took him again to Urgent Care again, this time being sent to the Emergency Room where he was told he "was constipated."

Duke was then sent to Scottsbluff on orders from the Children's Hospital in Denver. Once in Scottsbluff, he was watched closely, and then told to get to Omaha Children's Hospital as soon as possible. According to the family, three days later they made their way to Omaha to see two different specialists.

The family recalls the doctors in Omaha immediately took blood samples to run tests, and did multiple exams and found nothing in the exams, they tested for Chrohns, colitis, IBS, and many other digestive diseases or medical problems.

Williams said, "Every test came back negative, the docs from Omaha were dumb founded. They sent him home with the same type of orders from the other docs, but they were now adding lactulose to the regimen to see if that would clear his system out. After four days, there was no relief. The docs in Omaha then called the docs in McCook and told them to have Duke come up to the hospital. Once at the hospital he was immediately admitted and a GI tube was placed to ensure he is getting medication and substance into his body."

Thursday, after x-rays, he was released from the hospital in McCook because according to his parents, "his system was clean." They say the doctors are telling them it is a "short term fix."

"No doctor has been able to diagnose a medical reason as to why this is happening. All that can be done for now is to make him as comfortable as can be until answers are found, which at this rate seem to be far away, said Williams. "Now back at home, he is laying in bed curled up in a ball in pain, still unable to eat, or live a normal life, crying because he just wants to be normal again."

The family says Duke is uninsured. His mom, Dawn, is a manager at the local gas station, and his dad, Bob, works at the local fertilizer plant.

"They are missing work, and struggling to keep their heads above water in this terrible time of their lives. I am hoping that people out there can relate and have love and generosity in their heart to help us to give this sweet boy his life back!"

Williams has set up a gofundme page for Duke. Here is that link.

Or if you would like to help, their address is:
Bob and Dawn Williams
P.O. Box 311
Culbertson, NE 69024