Current social media trends could lead to online hacking

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NORTH PLATTE, NEB. (KNOP)- The North Platte Police Department has noticed a concerning trend on social media.

Current social media trends could lead to people having their online accounts hacked. (Credit:Sam Pirozzi/KNOP-TV)

With people spending more time indoors and online, there has been a recent trend of answering personal questions about yourself. While Daniel Hudson, Chief of Police at the department in North Platte, knows it's a way for people to stay connect during this time, he says it's a way for hackers to get your information.

While there have not been any reported crimes of online hacking in North Platte yet, there are several red flags that people should watch out for.

"Anything that asks your personal information, even these questions on their own seem very harmless, but it builds up answers to being able to log into peoples accounts," said Hudson.

While it may seem like you are just sharing your information with a small group of people, what gets posted on the internet has a way of spreading rapidly and will be in cyber space forever.

Chief Hudson said people should always keep an eye on their accounts and make sure there isn't any suspicious activity on it.

"Monitor your credit, monitor your accounts. Just be aware of it. Be mindful of that's going on your credit accounts, your bank accounts, any of those types of things."