Day two of Buffalo Bill Farm and Ranch Expo

North Platte, Neb. (KNOP) - Vendors and attendees saw new technology and enjoyed a second day of the Buffalo Bill Farm and Ranch Expo at the D & N Event Center.

Many booths boasted technology and advancements for farmers and ranchers. The annual exposition was tailored to the industry, but offered plenty for all attending.

Folks enjoyed visiting, popcorn, coffee and apple cider - while walking around and visiting the various booths.

Dawson Public Power, which serves north and east rural Lincoln County outside North Platte city limits (including Hershey, Maxwell, and Brady) had a booth. Bobby Johnson, Energy Services Specialist, and Chelsea Gengenbach, Communications Specialist, told visitors about the importance of a transfer switch.

Johnson said, "A transfer switch is a safety mechanism that protects linemen." He explained that when a house loses power, and folks want to connect a generator, a transfer switch safely puts power to the house without allowing power back onto the grid.

"Often," he said, "linemen are working on power lines - handling live wires, but they know they are live. But if a generator is running, putting power back onto the grid, and the linemen don't know it; it could be a real hazardous situation."

Dawson Public Power District offers a rebate to customers who install a transfer switch for their generator. Even those who have installed a transfer switch back to 2011 are eligible for a rebate.

Dan Weller of Hotsy Equipment Company explained that his shop sweepers have a hopper which collects the dust so that it does not go into the air.

Roger Bacon of Panhandle Solar from Ogallala said, "With the ranchers today, with the high cost of electricity to run their businesses, the solar systems definitely reduce and eliminate the cost of doing business."

Bacon has a second business as well. He creates and installs "stone carpets," which is the name of his company, "Stone Carpets." The product is made of natural river rock, and beautifies cracked sidewalks, paths, and other concrete surfaces (such as basement floors).

Russ Damoude, Challenger and Massey Ferguson dealer, explained the new technology offered in his tractors to help farmers' yields. He explained singulation, and he said that with better seed spacing, and the computer program, that they know in an instant - farmers don't have to wait until crops come up - to know the success of their planting.

These are just a tiny sampling of what the annual expo had to offer.

Howard Raymond, a rancher from Wellfleet, was just glad to visit with some folks, have some donuts and coffee, and not have to scoop snow. He said that he was checking out the new tractors and some of the other equipment.