Dist. Judge throws out charges tied to mobile home park shooting

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Two felony charges were thrown out by a local district judge against a North Platte man. Dana Foster is not longer facing felony terroristic threats and a firearms charges tied to a shooting event in April 2019.

Judge Richard Birch says there's not enough evidence to try him in Lincoln County District Court. Foster's attorney, Russ Jones, argued the evidence didn't meet "probable cause" burden for those charges.

Foster still faces a misdemeanor third-degree domestic assault in connection with the April arrest. That's when police said gunshots were fired near Foster's home.

A hearing is planned for November 4 for the misdemeanor and an unrelated felony methamphetamine possession charge which happened on the same day as the disturbance. Foster pled not guilty to those charges.