GI man transferred to Omaha after vet's home disturbance

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) A resident of the Grand Island veteran's home was transferred to a VA facility in Omaha after a disturbance Thursday morning in Grand Island.

A state patrol spokesperson told KSNB Local 4 that they were called to the vet's home about 7:30 Thursday morning to assist with a man involved in a medical situation.

It is not clear what the medical situation was, but a Veteran's Affairs spokesperson said the incident was resolved peacefully.

NSP said the man left his room on his own at about 10:00 Thursday morning.

There were no injuries associated with the incident.

Law enforcement said there were no weapons inside his room.

"The Vets Home, as they told us, they're there to help the veterans and this man just needed more help than they could give him, so we're helping them get him the help that he needs," Captain Jeromy McCoy with the Nebraska State Patrol said.

He added the man was transferred to a veteran's facility in Omaha for treatment.

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