Dog dies from 4th of July fireworks

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Hastings, Neb - Booms and explosions are all a part of 4th of July fun, but when that explosion critically injures an animal, that's where the fun stops and tragedy begins.

Four-year-old Mattie, was left in her backyard on the 4th of July in Harvard, Clay County. After being injured, she managed to make it to a neighbors house where they called for help.

"The dog ended up losing a large amount of blood and was in shock. In looking at it, it was missing a portion of it's tongue, jaw, lips were mangled, looks like firecrackers," says Anne Halbert, Start Over Rover.

Halbert is asking for help, "this is a horrible tragedy that someone knows something about."

After being brought to "Start Over Rover, where a vet was waiting....Mattie died early that morning.

Those visiting "Start Over Rover" to adopt a pet were shocked that someone could do something so heartless.

"I find it difficult to believe that people can do that to animals, my personal opinion is that they have to spend some jail time," said Jazmine Farr, Animal Lover.

Animal Lover, MaKayla Nazour adds, "I really can't understand how people can do that, it's just so cruel."

Halbert says Mattie's owners are devastated, "My heart goes out to them, this is very difficult."

Cruelty to animals is a felony and you can receive jail time.

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