Do's and Dont's of attending concert at Wild West Arena

NORTH PLATTE, Neb - Thousands of people will pack the Wild West Arena Friday and Saturday nights to listen to four of the biggest names in country music.

Friday, Alan Jackson and Dwight Yochum will take the stage, and on Saturday night Brothers Osborn and Chris Stapleton will preform.

Concert organizers want to cut down on a lot of the extra stuff people bring into the venue because the security team needs to screen all items that are brought in.

Here is what you are allowed to bring:

An empty water bottle and fill it with water inside the gates.

Cell phones.

Bags, like purses, are not encouraged, because those items will be searched.

You can not bring:

Professional photography equipment.

If you try to bring it in, you will be asked to take it back to your car.

No toys -- like blow up balls.

No fireworks.

No firearms.

No outside food or drinks.

David Fudge, the executive director of NEBRASKAland Days, said there are good reasons you are not allowed to take filled water bottles into the arena

“We don't actually know what that liquid is,” Fudge said. “You're allowed to bring an empty water bottle, so you can fill it and stay hydrated and that sort of thing. But don't bring any outside liquids in. That's a no-no. Make sure its empty and you won't have any trouble.”

Fudge also says fighting, and any type of violence, will not be accepted. " It does get packed in here, on the arena floor, people like to push ahead, and get as close to the stage as they can,but if you just remember to be respectful, and patient while you're down here, you usually get along with people," says Fudge.

"Everyone is here to have a good time. and if people approach it in that manner, people will have a good time," adds Fudge.

The concerts start at 8 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets are still available to both shows.