Driver suspended after school bus gets too close to train

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb (KSNB) A close call at a Grand Island railroad crossing led to the suspension of a school bus driver.

The incident happened Tuesday morning around 7:45 a.m. at the Burlington Northern crossing on Broadwell street in north Grand Island.

The driver, who was employed by Holiday Express, drove too close to the tracks while a train was passing by.

Cell phone video showed the railroad crossing arms coming down on top of the bus.

A Holiday Express spokesperson told Local4 that the driver followed proper procedures at the crossing, but drove a little too close to the tracks in order to see around a row of trees east of the intersection. It was then that the crossing arms came down on the bus.

The bus was taking students to St. Libory Elementary School. All the students arrived safely.

St. Libory is one of the schools in the Grand Island Northwest school district.

Northwest superintendent Matt Fisher confirmed to Local4 that the district contracts bus service with Holiday Express. He had no further comment.

A Grand Island public schools spokesperson also confirmed that GIPS contracts with Holiday Express for its bus service.

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