Eagle watching at Lake Ogallala

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. The Bald Eagle Viewing Center is open at Lake Ogallala.

Nebraska is home to 190 nesting pairs of eagles.

Master Naturalist Dixie Deturk says the best time to see the eagles is when it's cold. One of the areas to which they migrate is Lake Ogallala.

Deturk has helped run the Bald Eagle Viewing Center for approximately five years. She says the most she's counted at one time is 330 throughout her time there. She says last year they had 129.

"The best thing I've ever seen is when the hydro plant was running and the big lake was frozen. There was just a tornado of seagulls and eagles swirling around and diving down and catching fish here. It was just incredible," says Deturk.

Deturk and other employees are a wealth of knowledge of the birds that inhabit the area,and are willing to answer any questions visitors might have.

The viewing center is open until February 24th.