Egg incubators provide agricultural experience for young students

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- It's National Agriculture Week, and to educate students around the county on the subject, one woman is filling classrooms with hatching eggs.

"It's easy to get in the classroom. It only takes 21 days. A lot of other species are not that quick for development," said Jenny Turner, Lincoln County Extension Assistant.

Turner explains the life cycle of developing chickens when she goes to set up incubators in each classroom involved in the project.

"Especially the town kids, they don't get to see those things and experience the life cycle of an animal. It is good for kids to see, especially start to finish. The life cycle is a very educational process, so I like the embryology in the classroom because of that," said Turner.

Turner added that this embryology project provides teachers easy maintenance while their students get to learn about the chicken's anatomy.

The material presented varies by the age of the classroom, as Turner goes more in depth when she visits higher grades and high schoolers.
Kindergarteners at Hershey Elementary showed a great interest in the program this past week when Turner visited and gave her chick talk.

No matter the grade, Turner tries to get the point across between the difference of a fertilized and unfertilized egg, so that students can grasp how their food is made and where it comes from.