Election Day Has Passed, Still Counting Ballots

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb -knep- Polling is over for the 2018 Midterm elections. After a long night of counting, the folks at the Scotts Bluff County elections office were not done as doors opened for business at the county offices the next morning. The official results are weeks out.
After processing the early votes, and the ballots from all 30 precincts in Scotts Bluff County, 149 provisional ballots remained. Provisional ballots must be hand counted.
Another cause of delay kept the volunteer staff working into the wee hours of the morning. A large number of write-in votes were cast in Scotts Bluff County. Officials say, the machines were working fine, but every ballot with a write-in vote on it must be hand counted. The machine is designed to reject the ballot, which is then processed by a volunteer counter.
The unofficial results the day after polls closed revealed a voter turnout of about 45%. The total of counted votes in Scotts Bluff County is 10,778. Including the remaining provisional ballots, that number climbs to 10,927
During the Official Election Canvass, officials have several weeks to count ballots. Then, votes undergo a verification process to ensure eligibility of voters and write-ins. The official results are given to the Secretary of State and made public record.