Elementary students and subzero temperatures

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. With some of the coldest temperatures of the year upon us, elementary schools are making sure students have refuge inside the schools.

Temperatures dipped below zero causing concern for the little ones on Friday morning.

However, educators were well aware and followed their established protocol for cold weather.

At Jefferson Elementary the school's custodian swept the snow from the sidewalks as faculty members stood at the doorways to open the doors for students.

Younger kids waited in the cafeteria while older kids had a nice walk around the gym.

Principal Traci Costlow says the staff does whatever they can to help the children.

"Technically our drop-off time for parents is at 7:45. But, on cold days I make sure we have staff here at doors at 7:30," says Costlow.

"I try to be here at 7 just in case we have somebody early that pops in. We do indoor recess. So after lunch the kids just go back to their classrooms and they can get on the computer and play game and just have a break in their classroom."

Principal Costlow says they occasionally see an injury resulting from the weather but overall the faculty does a great job of keeping the students safe.