Emergency Management gives fourth quarter update

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NORTH PLATTE. Neb -- When weather conditions get severe, you can expect Emergency Management to be working around the clock to keep people safe but there are a lot of other roles the department has.

On Monday, the department presented their quarterly report to the Lincoln County Commissioners. The department has been doing WHIP training for fire fighters and ems staff.

The sessions have helped train between thirty to forty people. They've also gone out to Dundy County to train schools on how to do lock down drills.

"We've got merit training coming up which is part of the WHIP, part of the radiological training our first responders get so it's an ongoing continuing course for now that we try to bring, get hands-on training for them," said Brandon Myers with Emergency Management.

In the 4th quarter, Emergency Management says all three counties in their region had severe thunderstorms but caused minimal damage.