Dawson County residents keeping positive during winter storm aftermath

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WILLOW ISLAND, Neb. (KNOP) - Extreme storms have had a huge impact on a lot of western Nebraskan counties. Folks driving down Dawson County can witness some county roads in bad shape after massive floods.

Local Dawson County Resident Melissa Hughes said, "We have never seen it been, you know, in our yards, in our buildings, flooding houses, everything like that."

The recent winter storm has taken a toll on county roads and the residents who live nearby. Residents are dealing with flooding issues in their homes and yards and will have spend time repairing things. The Dawson County residents are still keeping positive however, despite the damages. Hughes said, "There's not a whole lot we can do with it, it's mother nature so we kind of just have to roll with the punches and do what we can to save everything."

Residents are hoping the weather stays sunny and warm enough to dry up the flooded areas.