Farm and Ranch Expo features new technology, timeless techniques

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- Nebraska's biggest industry is on display in North Platte at the annual Buffalo Bill Farm and Ranch Expo.

The event features 120 vendors, showcasing timeless techniques and new technologies in the agriculture industry.

As times get tight with the ag economy, producers are looking for ways to manage costs and get ideas on ways to improve their bottom line.

"Efficiency seems to be the focus for a lot of operators and producers this year," Hans Julius, chair of the agri-business committee of the North Platte Chamber and Economic Development Corporation, said. "They're looking for ways to really focus on, 'How can I make that extra yield or make that extra profit?',"

Outside of land costs, fertilizer and chemicals is one of the top things producers spend their money on; so, Josh Bode of Cedar Lane Seed in Hershey is sharing his product at the event. Precision Planting technology at Bode's business monitors how much fertilizer is going onto the fields on a row-by-row basis.

Bode says that choosing to spend money on new technology can be a tough decision; but, it can be worth it.

"There are certain times when you have to spend money [upfront] to save $10, $11 or $12 dollars an acre," Bode said. "It makes cash flows look a little bit brighter."

Bode adds that, while commodity prices might not be where people want them, he is optimistic for the ag industry in the year ahead.

The Buffalo Bill Farm and Ranch Expo continues on Thurs., Feb. 8 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the D&N Event Center.