Finding solutions for two Lincoln County roads

Lincoln County Feedyard owner Steve Scholz is hoping for a resolution to the road that leads to his business in northern Lincoln County. (Source: Beatriz Reyna KNOP-TV)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP-TV A Lincoln County producer is hoping for a resolution to the road that leads to his business in northern lincoln.

David Hobson is the assistant manager at Lincoln County Feedyard and spoke on behalf of owner, Steve Scholz.

Hobson says the the feedyard has grown substantially since it was built in 2009. Traffic has grown to 280 loads of commodities per week as well as 30 to 40 loads of cattle per week.

However, Scholz believes Cattle Growers Road and East Garfield Table Road are no longer built to suit the heavy traffic flow and would like to see the road somehow rebuilt.

"Any fat cattle shipped timely or at all has been an issue because of road conditions," said Hobson. "Road conditions are an issue keeping and finding good employees. Lincoln County Feedyard employees are asked frequently by FedEX or UPS to meet them at the highway to retrieve deliveries."

County Board Chairman Joe Hewgley said he was at the meeting when Mr. Scholz requested his permit to build the facility.

"The Planning Commission and I am not second guessing one individual, probably gave some pretty good thought to that as should have Mr. Scholz, thinking, is this the right place for it, number one?" "And number two, when Mr. Scholz expanded and was having such problems, did he think about another location or something different rather than just expanding knowing that that would only exasperate with more traffic?"

Commissioner Bill Henry added the county operates on a $2.1 million budget and said the cost of repairing the road would cost about $1.5 million.

No action was taken on the item.