Flooding leaves some streets impassable in Dawson County

LEXINGTON, Neb. KNOP-TV The American Red Cross has set up a shelter at the high school in Lexington to help those displaced by the heavy rains. Up to ten inches of rain fell throughout some parts of the community Monday night.

Homeowners on the city's southwest side woke up to nearly four feet of water Tuesday. (Source: Beatriz Reyna KNOP-TV).

As of Tuesday morning, the water started to recede on the city's north side. However, homeowners on the southwest side are now dealing with the impact.

"When I came in to town from Kearney yesterday, it was already flooded including Highway 30, so I kind of had to find an alternate route home,"' said Karina Manzo. "I just didn't expect it to rain this much, I guess."

A good stretch from South Adams Street to Cattlemen's Drive to Plum Creek Parkway was impassable by car.

Many who live in the area had to walk in up to four feet of water just to get to and from their homes. Nonetheless, residents say the last time they saw flooding this bad was in 2005.

"I see a lot of people are coming out with their cars but some of them over there in that corner are in the middle of the street," said 16-year-old Janet Aguado.

A flood warning remains in effect through Wednesday. Law enforcement advises the public to use caution, stay out of the barricaded areas and keep up to date with the latest forecast.