Florida man says lighting firecrackers under child’s bed is a ‘prank gone wrong’

Matthew Morrison was arrested for allegedly setting off a firecracker under a 9-year-old's bed as a prank. (Source: Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office)

OKALOOSA CO., Fla., (CNN) - A Florida man is taken into police custody for what is being called a "prank gone wrong."

According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office, Matthew Morrison threw firecrackers under the bed of a sleeping 9-year-old girl.

The homeowner says Morrison lives in a tent nearby and broke into the house with the fireworks Saturday.

Morrison was chased out of the house with a stick and arrested shortly afterward. Police found methamphetamine in his pants pocket.

The girl said she was scared by the explosion, but she did not appear to be injured.

Morrison is facing numerous charges including burglary, child cruelty without great harm, and possession of a controlled substance, according to WJHG.

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