Ford says to stop driving certain Rangers after confirming second airbag death

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Ford issued an urgent warning to people who drive 2006 Ford Rangers after the company confirmed a second death caused by a defective Takata airbag inflator.

The death occurred July 1 in West Virginia. It's the second involving a Ranger and the 21st worldwide due to the faulty air bags.

Takata inflators can explode with too much force, blowing apart a metal canister and spewing shrapnel. The problem touched off the largest string of auto recalls in U.S. history and forced Takata into bankruptcy.

Ford issued a new recall for the 2,900 Rangers because their inflators were made the same day as one involved in a 2016 crash that killed a South Carolina man.

The company is telling 2,900 owners to park their vehicles until they can get replacement parts. Ford said it will send mobile repair teams to owners' homes, tow vehicles to local dealerships for repair and provide loaner vehicles all free of charge.

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