VA buys land to expand Fort McPherson National Cemetery

MAXWELL, Neb. KNOP Fort McPherson National Cemetery in Maxwell is expanding as part of their efforts to extend their services for the next 100 years.

As it stands, the cemetery currently serves more than 98 hundred veterans and their families around a 75 mile radius.

The cemetery is projected to reach its maximum capacity in the next ten years.

The Department of Veteran Affairs National Cemetery Administration recently secured an additional 18 acres to the north, bringing the total number of acres to 38 acres.

The expansion will provide for at least 15,000 more gravesites.

Groundbreaking could take place within the next three to five years depending on burial rates, which is right around 300 burials a year.

"One of the visions that we are having as an organization is that we are trying to serve the 75 mile radius," said Fort McPherson National Cemetery Assistant Director Steven Weir. "That's why right now, if you notice, Omaha is more than 75 miles. So now they put a cemetery there so we can cover all of that area."

The land was purchased from Donna Sundrum for $115,765.