Freak accident in Stanton County sends family to hospital

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STANTON COUNTY, Neb. - A freak accident on Highway 275 in Stanton County sent a family to the hospital.

A vehicle rolled backwards into a ditch Wednesday night on Highway 275 in Stanton County. (Source: Stanton County Sheriff's Office)

The Stanton County Sheriff's Office was called out to investigate an accident about five miles east of Norfolk at about 7:50 p.m. Wednesday.

According to a release from the sheriff's office, the accident happened when an eastbound SUV driven by 30-year-old Kammie Andrade, of Bancroft, stopped along the highway due to mechanical issues.

She got out of her vehicle and it suddenly began rolling backwards and went down a steep ditch about 30 yards away. It landed in a small creek with water running through it.

Andrade attempted to to stop the SUV from going into the ditch and injured herself as she did so. Inside the vehicle was her 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son.

She and her children were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Stanton Fire and Stanton County Emergency Management also responded to the scene.

It's unclear why the SUV rolled backwards into the ditch.

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