Free drug tests now available at Westfield Pharmacy

NORTH PLATTE, Neb.- The North Platte Community Connection dropped off drug test kits to Westfield Pharmacy Thursday.

Fifty home drug test kits were given to the pharmacy to distribute free of charge. It's part of a new campaign called "Not My Kid."

The campaign that aims to better equip parents with the resources needed to start the conversation with their youth about substance abuse.

Community Connections is providing resource guides as well drug testing kits to those in need of resources and materials. The resource guides will be available at any number of locations around town, and the kits, along with the guides, will be available at Westfield Pharmacy at no cost.

Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator Catiana Rurtia said, "They are completely free, all we are asking for is a few demographic questions, the age of the person getting it, male or female, zip code and the day you picked it up and that's really all we're asking for just so we can know where in our community these bags are going to, where we can focus our efforts in providing resources and materials."

Rurtia says it's their first year for the campaign, but they hope to be able to provide these tests and resources for as long as they can.