GPH staff get up-to-date with CPR guidelines

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP In the cath lab at Great Plains Health nurses know every second counts.

"You give it until you get rhythm back and pulses back until doc says to stop," said Cath Lab X-Ray Technician Kyle Smith.

Smith is one of nearly 100 personnel who's ensuring he's up-to-date with the CPR guidelines.

"We think we may doing well enough, but this gives us immediate feedback," Smith said.

Life Support Coordinator Pat Richards says while staff are trained every two years, it's how they react to the emergency that makes all the difference.

"Adrenaline controls your life, it's there for a reason," Richards said. "But in an emergency situation it makes you make wrong choices."

Which is why he organized the training using the new hands-on-simulation station.

"If we can memorize what two inches of compressions looks like and what it feels like, it doesn't matter what patient we are on," Richards said. "It's all memory of doing it right."

A life-saving tool aimed to boost confidence in real time.

"To save somebody's life is extremely important and this device telling us how deep to go and the speed to go and just to get those compressions the best we can is crucial," said Cath Lab Registered Nurse Bailey Burkett.

The North Platte Fire Department also participated in the training.

Great Plains Health offers CPR training to the community for free four times out of the year. The next training is August 14th at 6 p.m..