GPS technology helps experts combat harmful weeds

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- Lincoln County is using GPS technology to find, and get rid of noxious weeds.

According to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, noxious weeds can be harmful to crops, livestock and even people. The department estimates the weeds can cost "residents millions of dollars due to lost production."

Todd Herndon, the Lincoln County Noxious Weed Superintendent, said that not all weeds are noxious weeds. He said there are 12 types of noxious weeds that grow in the state.

Herndon is using GPS technology to find them. He said that they can also enter information into the computer and this allows them to track the weeds' growth patterns over the years.

"It kind of gives us an idea of if they're spreading," Herndon said, "or if they're staying the same size, or if they're decreasing."

In 1989, the Legislature passed revisions to the Noxious Weed Control Act. The act requires "each person who owns or controls land to effectively control noxious weeds on such land." It also sets forth guidelines for the state and each county to follow as well.