Game of the week preview: Cozad at Hershey

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- The Cozad Haymakers head to Hershey to take on the Panthers on Friday for this week's game of the week.

Both teams come into the game without a loss. Cozad is 1-0 after a 44-38 win against Chase County. Hershey is 2-0 with a 61-35 win over Perkins County, and a 60-44 victory over Gothenburg.

The one thing on both teams' mind is the atmosphere in the gym in Hershey on Friday.

"We have a really good environment here, we've got a lot of fans who come out here and support us. It's a good experience and they're really good at helping us, cheer us out," said Andrew Weitzel, a senior guard for Hershey.

Drew Daniels, the head coach for Cozad, knows playing at Hershey is always a challenge.

"Playing at Hershey is always a tough place to play. We've got to be mentally strong and handle adversity when it comes.," Daniels said.

Both Daniels and Hershey head coach Dustin Jorgenson know one of the keys to the game is going to be the depth of their rosters.

"We're able to score and not be so one dimensional, we've got about seven or eight kids who can put the ball in the whole and that's a huge difference. We hope that any given night we have about seven or eight kids who can go deep," Jorgenson said.

When asked who is going to lead the Haymakers, coach Daniels said, "Really everybody, one through ten on our varsity squad. Our bench energy, our starting five, six, seven, eight, nine, everybody's important."

The players on Hershey know how dangerous the Haymakers can be, and what they have to do to win this game.

"They move the ball really well and they shoot the ball really well and they're all athletic, so basically every aspect of the game we have to tighten up," said Hershey senior guard Eli Huebner.

"They're really good at shooting the ball, they can light it up. We just gotta move the ball well like we have been. We have good team chemistry, just feed our post, and then just shoot the ball and light it up," Weitzel said.

Both head coaches have a lot of respect for one another, but they both feel they are prepared for the match-up.

"They're balanced, i like the guys they bring off the bench and the energy. So they're a very well balanced and very well coached team. Coach Jorgenson always does a really good job getting his team ready to go. We focus on us like we always do, but we'll be ready to go," Daniels said.

"You know they're very well coached, they're going to be disciplined, and we're going to have to be ready to play. It's going to be a big game, our kids understand that, but it's another game and we just gotta prepare like any other day and be ready," Jorgenson said.