Get Out The Vote rally stops in North Platte

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP A group of Nebraska politicians made a stop in North Platte Monday, as part of the Nebraska Republican Party's “Get Out The Vote” rally.

The tour included Governor Pete Ricketts, Senator Ben Sasse, Senator Deb Fischer, Congressman Adrian Smith and Jeff Fortenberry.

The political powerhouse was all in great spirits but, eager for Tuesday's elections.

All candidates with the exception of Senator Sasse, are seeking re-election

They each spoke about the importance of this election for our state and our country, particularly because of the gains already made.

"Every year, you got to go out and earn it and this election is important because it is a stark contrast between the economic prosperity we've seen under the Trump Administration and what the Democrats want to do; they want to go backwards, they want to put more regulations, they want to raise your taxes and that we know will slow our growth and destroy job opportunities," said Governor Pete Ricketts. "So we do want to want to make sure that we do re-elect our Republicans and that's why I was here with the team, our federal delegation, getting the message out and telling people you got to show up to vote and make sure you vote and get your friends and family out to vote too."

The governor also promoted the state's low unemployment rate, which has seen the third highest wage growth among all the states since 2014.

He also says for the past two years in a row, Nebraska has had more economic development projects per capita in the country.

The tour ends Monday at the Republican Headquarters in Lincoln.