Ghostly pumpkins taking over Halloween.

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Hastings, Neb. - (KSNB) Ghostly pumpkins taking over Halloween.

Orange pumpkins are a Halloween staple as people go all out to decorate and celebrate the holiday.

But trending are an array of pumpkin colors, types and shapes. White pumpkins are the standout of the patch as they are easy to decorate and easily adapts to a decorative color.

Nowadays you can get close to a dozen different types of pumpkins. While the bigger the better for some, small and tiny are just as powerful a statement.

But when it comes to names, the white pumpkin stands supreme.

Aaron Rodgers, Russ's Market Produce Manager
"There is Blanco, there is some Casper, ghost pumpkins, so we have unique names for the pumpkins. I think some of them are actually orange inside so instead of carving, you can carve a picture into it so the orange shows through," Said Aaron Rodger, Russ's Market Product Manager.

They are also oddly shaped, yet popular pumpkins like this swan pumpkin. There is pumpkin called The Lunch Lady, she has what looks like witches pimples on it.

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