Giving children a 'Head Start'

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. The Head Start program held an open house for people to learn how they help children prepare for the world of education on Wednesday.

Director Shawna Davison said this is a program which many people in North Platte are able to benefit.

"There is a lot of needs here for this type of program and we have the children here but we can also reach out to their families and help them with their needs. Refer them to different agencies in town and work with them with goals and give them some skills for life," said Davison.

Educator Shelly Hargrove gives insight as to the curriculum of the program.

"Head Start runs on a curriculum called "High Scope" which is a play based learning, It's from the philosophy that children learn together and from each other through play," said Hargrove.

"It's also proven to develop many social and emotional skills to make a child kindergarten ready. We do a lot of music and movement. We tried to set our center time up which is their playtime with learning activities. We have the food experience each week where the children participate in preparing it and eating it. So, a little life skills going on there as well."

Davison says she encourages people to give them a call to find out if it's a good fit for their kids. Applications are done by appointment.