Golden Spike Tower stays open in hopes to benefit local economy

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- The Golden Spike Tower is still open, but are taking precautions to keep everyone safe. They support those who want to postpone trips but recommend not cancelling because it is extremely important to the economy.

Golden Spike Tower has dropped 58 percent in visitors. It remains open in hopes to benefit the community and local economy. (SOURCE: Kaylie Crowe KNOP-TV)

Kirsten Parker, the Executive Director of Golden Spike Tower says it's important it is to support local businesses because lack of spending in the local economy will put businesses out.

"When you look at how much is going to be affected it is going to be the tourism industry that is affected, and heavily. Over at least the next three months. And it will take us a longer amount of time to bounce back than any other industry. And so it is important to not use the words of cancel. This is an epidemic everybody is going through so we highly recommend the use of the word postpone," said Parker.

They are 58 percent down this month compared to last year, and they expect this decrease to continue.

"Am I in panic or in problem solving mode and please work from there. If we work from fear we are going to have local businesses close we are going to have tourist attractions close. If we do that then we are not planning for the future that this will bounce back," said Parker.

They are coming up with different ways to bring education and entertainment to the public digitally on their website and Facebook. They disinfect every two hours, have stopped their coffee station, prop open their doors, and have people inform them if they have touched the kiosk.

"We're proud to be open as long as we follow the CDC guidelines. And as long as we have a common goal and a verbal handshake that you're willing to abide by the rules as we are too," said Parker.

They have songs of the day so if people sing the song it will encourage them to wash their hands. While safety is important they say to live diligently and not in fear.