Gov. Ricketts visits North Platte

NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- In front of a packed house at Trego-Dugan aviation, Gov. Pete Ricketts highlighted his administrations successes and boasted about Nebraska's economic development.

"We had more projects than North Dakota, South Dakota and Kansas combined," says Ricketts.

Today, January 10th, 2018 the governor unveiled his Nebraska Tax Cut and Opportunities Act which proposes an additional $10 million over two years for workforce development.

"Well it's part of our property tax cuts and opportunity act we have development dollars available to make sure we continue to have the right trained skilled workforce here in Nebraska. So for example, we have employers that are coming here and want to train people. We have employers that are already in Nebraska that want to expand and retrain their workforce. Those dollars can be used for that," says Ricketts.

By investing in our workforce, it could potentially attract more companies to locate in our state and help continue the growing trend of our economy says Ricketts.

"The biggest thing we have to sell is our people. I know from personal experience when you hire a Nebraskan you get somebody who's well educated, who's got a great work ethic, whose going to be loyal, customer service oriented and whose going to help customers succeed," says Rickets.

Some other topics stemming from public interest include reducing the prison population and NCORPE.

The governor briefly touched on the topic of NCORPE saying 'something to explore would be buying the land from NCORPE but allowing them to retain water rights.'

Gov. Ricketts continued his tour to Scottsbluff after leaving North Platte