Governor Ricketts Speaks on New Medicaid Plan

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There are many Nebraska families who are impacted by autism, but right now a lot of them have to travel to get these services.
Nebraska lawmakers and families hope this will help families get the services they need a little closer to home.

The plan was submitted back in December.
Just under two weeks ago on March 30th, the plan received federal approval.
The plan allows early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment- or EPSDT programs.
Governor Pete Ricketts says the plan is a great way to make sure all Nebraskans get the care they need.

"We want to make sure that we're doing a good job and HHS serving all the citizens of Nebraska and that includes our kids with autism and so-forth and we're just going to work within whatever federal guidelines to be able to make that happen." Ricketts said.

In order to get the plan approved federally, Medicaid worked together with several stakeholders to create the coverage plan before being submitted and approved.
The coverage will begin on October first of this year.

Governor Ricketts also only has a few days left in the legislative session and is looking at several issues to push through the next 3 days of legislation
The property tax bill has been a big pushing point for Ricketts since his state of the state speech.
The bill was fought by educators around the state and it's now modified to help schools with unexpected education expenses and school aid.
He hopes to have a bill on his desk by Wednesday.
He also touched on prison reform and the recent string of assaults performed by inmates.
He saw this as an opportunity to make a point why Nebraska correctional officers need more protection through legislation.