Great Plains Health cleaning crew hard at work to ensure proper sanitation of facility

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 4:36 PM CDT
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We praise the nurses and doctors as we should, but the role of those who clean the hospital is much bigger now.

The housekeepers at Great Plains Health are working hard, many times, behind the scenes, to make sure everything is clean and sterilized around the clock.

GPH has a staff of 38 cleaners on staff that work to clean the rooms and common areas, several times per day if needed.

"When I go in, I always make sure the patient knows my name, what I'm department I'm in, what I'm going to do so they're comfortable with that, for me that patient is so important to what we do and if there's anything I can do to make their stay more comfortable then I'm going to do that," said Linda Yoshida, a Great Plains Health housekeeper.

Shelley Allen is a COVID-19 room cleaner for Great Plains Health and said they take the cleaning of the facility very seriously.

"I think about my family is just gonna be good enough for my family and all the people out in the community, they rely on us and that's a big responsibility, so you really have to be mind conscious every day when you go in," said Allen, "We take it seriously, we do it because we love it and it's just a great job."

Both Allen and Yoshida said the work they are doing has increased and is very important to the hospitals' operations.

"I have a theory that I think everybody should have to work in a hospital at least for a month," said Yoshida, "It's hard work and I see nurses first hand and our workers what we do and we really do work hard."

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