Great Plains Health in pilot study with Ocuvera

North Platte, Neb. (KNOP) - Great Plains Heath and several Nebraska hospitals are working together with a Lincoln company, Ocuvera, on a system which may help prevent falls from bed exits.

Steve Dosskey, research Coordinator for Ocuvera, reported that there are four systems on the fourth floor collecting data.

During phase one of a pilot test with the artificial intelligence system. The system is being created and tested to help hospitals reduce and eliminate falls, when at-risk patients attempt to exit their beds.

There are factors that contribute to falls, according to Barb Petersen, Chief Quality Officer of Great Plains Health, such as being attached to medical equipment and being on medication.

The 3-D imaging system being tested in four patient rooms is not currently broadcasting to a nursing station; it is only collecting data to create a baseline as the artificial intelligence in the system "learns."

The camera does not capture normal video. It captures the room in anonymous 3-D depth imaging by recording the shapes of objects and movement of those objects. Individuals in the rooms are not identifiable, and it does not record audio.

Nurses can turn the cameras off if needed, and a consent is required by the patient.

Wendy Ward, Great Plains Health Director of Patient of Safety and Risk Management, said, "We are really excited to partner with Ocuvera in this pilot study to have this available to see that the technology is going to work."