Great Plains prepares for anticipated supply needs

Great Plains is using other tele-health equipment as well as masks to keep everyone safe from virus spread. (SOURCE: Kaylie Crowe KNOP-TV)
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- No shortages of equipment right now at North Platte's hospital. With the surge in need for supplies at hospitals around the country, Great Plains Health is preparing.

The public has expressed interest in helping by creating more masks for the hospital. The hospital says inventory is good currently. N-95 industrial masks have been donated by many local businesses. School systems have also donated their goggles from their science labs.

In the future if they need masks, that information will be made public so it is correctly done with the right fabrics and how to make them. They use personal protective equipment, ventilators, masks, pappers, and tele-health for protection when taking care of patients.

Ivan Mitchell, the Chief Operation Officer for Great Plains says they appreciate the support but are set on supplies as of now.

"We appreciate the canteen spirit that we have here we have a great community that wants to support and do something for this. But at this point we really don't have a need for it. The CDC recommends that they should only be used in very extreme circumstances and they need to be constructed in a proper manner and so we will end up getting that manner up on our website," said Mitchell.

If you seek medical attention for potentially COVID-19 they say to set up a free visit via tele-health on laptop or smart phone by calling 308-568-8040 one of their providers will visit with you and direct you from there.