Ground water causing road closure north of Mullen to Valentine

Published: May. 22, 2019 at 9:22 PM CDT
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The road is closed between Brownlee Road (36 miles north of Mullen) and Cedar Bay (36 miles south of Valentine), due to rain and ground water covering the road.

So, if you plan to travel from Mullen to Valentine anytime in the near future, perhaps to Merritt Reservoir or the Snake Campground this holiday weekend, please plan for a longer trip.

The detour is marked from Mullen toward Thedford, and then up to Valentine.

Significant amounts of standing water over the road due to the recent rainfalls and, Gary Thayer District 6 Engineer of the Department of Transportation in North Platte says, "the real concern, the groundwater coming up."

There is no timeline for opening the road. Thayer says it is too early to decide what will be done to fix the road. They will watch to see if the water recedes, and if it does not in a timely manner, they may have to make plans to elevate the road.

He says that latest data shows an average of 240 vehicles and 25 trucks use the road daily.

He also advises that the road between Arthur and Tryon is experiencing similar problems as water is creeping over the road. The department will determine within the next couple days if that road should be closed, as well.

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