New ballot machine to improve voting security and efficiency

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- New machinery is going to make voting easier and safer and more secure for voters this year, as well as an easier process for those with disabilities. Each of Lincoln county's polling locations will be equipped with an "express-vote" machine which prints out a voters ballot to be counted in the counting machine speeding up the process of filling out a ballot and tallying the votes.

Evnen demonstrates new ballot machine. (SOURCE: Kaylie Crowe KNOP-TV)

Robert Evnen, the Secretary of State, says this is a secure technology.

"It's fast it's accurate and it's secure. Our new ballot marking devices which go into every polling place across the state will be of great value and benefit to the disabled community of Nebraska. They can know and feel the polling places are open and welcoming for them," said Evnen.

All 93 counties in Nebraska have these machines. The cost totaled an overall is 9 and a half million. The new machines replace the previous "auto-mark" machines and are also much more a-d-a friendly. Polling sites will still have traditional, pre-printed paper ballots.

"This counts ballots quickly it has a completely different technology for reading the ballot. The ballots can be read whether they're put in frontwards or backwards. They can still be read accurately rather than if a ballot has some sort of malformation in the paper rather than stopping the whole count process," said Evnen.

These machines offer a deeper sense of security when it comes to election tampering. They say this machine has 12 years that it will last
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