Gun debate arises in Nebraska

Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 6:22 PM CST
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"It is a person issue it is not a fire arm or weapon issue," said petitioner Zach Ringer.

Potential changes to gun laws in our state have Nebraska gun owners ready to appeal because they feel it goes against the second amendment.

Ogallala man Zach Ringer created a petition currently has over one thousand signatures. His concern - two bills in the Nebraska Legislature, Bill 816, a regulation bill that's could take away the use of semi automatic rifles, shotguns and handguns. And Nebraska Legislative Bill 58 which is a version of the red flag laws.

"With the amount of supporters I've got behind me on this on my petition regarding LB816. I think their voice is loud and clear they don't want this bill to go through," said Ringer, "It's a violation of our rights and it's just beginning steps to full on gun confiscation."

Thirteen states have enacted some form of red flag legislation. He plans to be at the hearing to deliver his petition to show how many Nebraskans are against the changes. Many want their guns for protection but they also want them for sport and hunting.

"Us sportsmen we have to explain why we want to keep them and we shouldn't have to do that," said Ringer.

The bill would further regulate who could purchase certain firearms. The law would read in a way to force gun owners to have a valid public purpose to use a semi automatic firearm. Ringer's concern is public purpose has not been defined in any way.

His petition can be found on and shared on his personal Facebook.

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