Gun enthusiasts attend The Ogallala Gun Show

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. Gun enthusiasts flooded the Keith County Fairgrounds for the Ogallala Gun Show.

Vendors showcased their firearms at The Ogallala Gun Show. (Source: KNOP/Jace Barraclough)

Dozens of vendors filled the area with various types of firearms.

Aside from guns people could purchase knives, ammunition and even jewelry.

Regardless of the type of firearm, there were plenty of options for all.

Vendor Larry Powers of North Platte says the biggest area of emphasis for any gun owner should be safety.

"Safety with the firearms. Make sure you lock them up at night," said Larry Powers. "Make sure if you have children they aren't accessible to them. Be Safe."

Sunday is the last day to attend and it goes until 3 p.m.