Habitat for Humanity dedicates 53rd home

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP Habitat for Humanity dedicated it's last home for 2018 Monday afternoon.

Sarah Westling and her two boys, ages five and three, are the recipients of the non-profit organization's 53rd home.

It's located on the 23 hundred block of west 5th Street.

Together, Sara and volunteers dedicated 400 hours to her new home.

"As a single mom, I always pride myself on working hard," Westling said. "I've used government assistance and I've lived in housing the past few years and my goal has always been to get off those systems and to get into a program like Habitat where I can own my home at 26 -years-old with my two kids. And to say I've done it by myself, because they said "you know what you seem like a good candidate," it's the best feeling in the world."

The non-profit organization is also working on their 54th home

They will also begin work next spring at their property near Buffalo Elementary School where the plan is to build nine homes.

"There is really two amazing days," said Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Dalene Skates. "The first day that the family realizes that the people that are in there painting and hanging drywall and putting up siding are all strangers. They might not have met them had it not been for this process. And they all came out to make sure that this family gets a home. And then of course, dedication day is the second most heartfelt day. It's heartwarming to know where they came from and how hard they worked to get here."