Habitat for Humanity winter building in progress

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SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) Habitat for Humanity is helping a mother and her two children. Building a three bedroom home in Scottsbluff for them to live in.

“Habitat for Humanity is a rewarding endeavor for me,” says Dan Windhorst, a longtime volunteer, “its fun for me to come out and put a house together for somebody that will live in it for a number of years.”

With the foundation dug, stone laid, and exterior walls up, volunteers move at a quick pace in the winter weather to frame the interior. Next step is the roof, as volunteers anticipate trusses this Friday. Then, to secure the interior from the environment, they’ll finish up the roof. Hopefully, before the weather sets in.

If all goes well, the hope is to have the family in around April 2019. Windhorst says he’s pleased as punch at how the work is progressing so far.

The family will be making payments for about 20years before officially owning the house. Most of the materials are the result of donations, and the project is almost solely volunteer. Contractors donate a portion of labor and equipment costs as well.

“It’s gratifying to work with others that know quite a bit about construction,” says Windhorst. “I think we have a lot of fun when we do this. There is a lot of intensive labor that goes into these projects, but I enjoy it.”
Habitat for humanity takes cash donations, as well a volunteer help.

You can contact them at their website: www.scottsbluffcohfh.org
By e-mail at: monestrada@allophone.com
Or by phone at: (308)633-2368